Supporting health care provider wellness.

emotional empathy, boundary work, resilience, identifying feelings, anger management, symptom recognition, holding and releasing suffering, creating joy.
psychological self-awareness, mindfulness, recognizing beliefs, clarifying expectations, identifying and expressing needs, anxiety management, goal setting, nurturing creativity, change management, mission statements.
physical somatic awareness, posture, breathwork, gravity and center, energy flow, stress release, flexibility and conditioning, self massage, nutrition.
spiritual acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, meditation, meaning, purpose, renewal, source, work as pilgrimage, science and spirituality, wellness ethos.

Health care providers experience difficult and unique wellness challenges extending across all dimensions of wellness. CareBalance offers holistic methodologies informed by cognitive-behavioral psychology, metacognition, emotional intelligence, body awareness, spirituality and ethics, to form a cohesive discipline improving provider wellness.


* The CareBalance program, "Holding and Releasing Suffering," has been featured in national media.

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Who is this for?

CareBalance methodologies are accessible to any individual serving in health care. The knowledge and skills address empathic overwhelm in clinical practice, and nurture healthy work environments. These educational products will also become a welcome addition to professional school curricula, providing new practitioners with the wellness tools necessary to thrive in clinical life. Organizational leaders will develop unique culture through implementation of CareBalance, enhancing recruitment and retention, and demonstrating commitment to quality, sustainable practice.

How does it work?

The program is taught onsite, either to groups of practitioners, or potential future trainers. A CareBalance Workbook is provided to all participants. CareBalance will partner with your organizational change initiative, supporting a climate of positive, caring regard for providers within your hospital, healthcare organization, or public sector entity. CareBalance also consults with organizational leaders to create values reflecting commitment to provider health. The Founder and Executive Director of CareBalance, Thomas Browning, offers keynote speaking and conference presentation nationally.

Mr. Browning demonstrates a keen insight into understanding psychology and spirituality.
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