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“For many years, Thomas Browning has graced my upper-­level medical anthropology course, “Curers, Clients and Culture,” as a popular and inspiring guest lecturer. He brings an exciting blend of passion, compassion, cultural critique, vision and inspiration to examination of the interface between Western allopathic medical and psychiatric care and complementary medical models. His deep grounding in allopathic and complementary medicine, his powerful use of examples and stories, as well as his candor, integrity and sense of humor resonate deeply with my students who are seeking guidance, critical perspective and inspiration among a confusing array of options and opinions. Thomas Browning communicates his passionate concern for enhancing well — being in both clients and caretakers in a refreshingly heartfull, compassionate and powerful manner. Students refer to these insightful and memorable dialogues throughout and beyond their college years, testament to Mr. Browning’s skill and inspiration as visionary teacher and communicator.“
Leslie Conton, PhD Assistant Professor, Fairhaven College, Western Washington University Bellingham, Washington
“I have known Thomas Browning in various capacities for ten years and find him to be an outstanding and compassionate person. He has an interest in wellness and counseling others to find their unique talents. Mr. Browning demonstrates a keen insight into understanding psychology and spirituality. He has developed a program of training for health and wellness that I find comprehensive and useful for practicing professionals. His process is holistic and includes physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual components. I find Thomas Browning to have integrity and talent in teaching wellness, and I strongly recommend his teaching and training seminars."
H. Grady Gray, Ph.D. CMHC California Licensed Psychologist NBCC Licensed Counselor
“In the time I have come to know Thomas Browning he has exhibited qualities in both his role as student and teacher. He comes to class with clarity and awareness of the mind­‐body connection in the practice of Aikido. He is a focused learner and compassionate educator. Thomas Browning is an asset both to our Dojo community and the students who enjoy his classes.”
Chris Mills Head Instructor Third Degree Black Belt Island Aikido Dojo

* The CareBalance program, "Holding and Releasing Suffering," has been featured in national media.

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