Supporting health care provider wellness.

Thomas J. Browning, MA, RN-BC, NC-BC, the Executive Director of CareBalance, brings three decades of health care experience to the development of CareBalance, providing a unique inside perspective into the wellness challenges of clinical life.

He has served multiple specialties in health care, practicing extensively in psychiatric emergency, and is board certified in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing. He is also a certified Nurse Coach. Mr. Browning holds a master's degree in Counseling Psychology, with additional experience in private practice, organizational psychology and public health.

Mr. Browning holds the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt in the Japanese martial art of Aikido, a discipline promoting mind-­body unification, and informing his approach to body awareness. He is the author of "Beyond Compassion Fatigue: Creating Joy and Meaning in Clinical Life," "Holding and Releasing Suffering," "The Inner Life of Sustainable Leadership," and "Behavioral Health Provider Self-Care."


* The CareBalance program, "Holding and Releasing Suffering," has been featured in national media.

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